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Getting a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet may sound simple but doing it a tedious task. Going to the market to buy these precious items will take too much time and for a modern person who is always on the go, this will not work out. Good thing is that juicing has been introduced in the busy world of career men and women. Juicing is currently becoming a trend in the modern world and seems that a lot of people are in the hunt for the best slow juicer to feed their healthier appetite.

But, What is a Slow Juicer?

Technically speaking, a slow juicer is a device that extracts every bit of juice from a plant. Whether it is a fruit or a vegetable, a slow juicer will surely get the last drop of juice from it. Well this is how it should work. However, plenty of juicers do not do as much as squeeze out a few drops of juice from plants. This makes other people get discouraged and give up juicing after a few unsuccessful attempts. Finding the best juicer, therefore, is a quest that.

In an ideal juicer, the material that should be used is BPA free. This prevents the juicer to heat up too much during operation. Ordinary plastic juicers that use BPA materials are not healthy and may even cause illnesses to the user. This is very dangerous especially when little children will also have some of the juice that their parents will make.

omega NC902 juicer (chrome)Another ideal characteristic of a slow juicer is it is using cold press technology. With this feature, the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables being juiced are preserved. The nutritional value stays high and the juice can last for a longer period ensuring less wastage. A conventional juicer usually produces juice that can only last for a few hours and up to a maximum of 24 hours if kept in the refrigerator. Juice from a cold press device, on the other hand, will last for up to 48 hours when stored in the fridge.

Spending a lot for a juicer that will not be able to help you is a waste. For a person to have only the best slow juicer, it is important to take note of these two features in order to achieve the optimum benefits of juicing. More than the desire to gain the advantages of juicing, it is also important to make sure that you are able to do it correctly using the proper tool and that you are not harming yourself from the materials that are used in manufacturing it. In the quest to having the best, choose a juicer that not only promises healthier juices but one that also takes care of the user.

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