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Do you have low energy, are you over weight, do you have high blood pressure or suffer from diet related disease like Diabetes?

Juicing extracts all fiber(pulp) from the foods, so that you are drinking the juice, 100% free of pulp. They go into our bloodstream immediately, bypassing any need for digestion because they are in PURE juice form.

High speed kills enzymes and nutrients and oxidation occurs. Slow Juicer is designed through slower speeds we preserve nutrients and friction is minimal, if not, non existent. Enzymes, powerful anti-oxidants, photo-nutrients, vitamins and minerals preserved and in tact, ready to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Every one has huge challenges with digesting the foods we eat. It’s not really about the digestion as much as it is about the ‘absorption’ of the foods you are eating. Statistics says as we human age, we absorb 10% less every ten years of our life. So by the time we reach 50 we are only absorbing 50% of the foods (nutrients) we eat, so by the time we reach 80, we are only absorbing from foods at the rate of 20%. Some absorb less maybe 5-10% at this later age.

benefits of juicingThis is why juicing is so important. We can absorb 100% of the nutrients is why juicing is an incredible way to feed our bodies. Those who blend our greens and fruits and it seems natural to say, “the juice and fiber are better to consume because all this fiber is going to be wasted”. Yes juicing is devoid of fiber! Fiber itself has no nutrients in it after the juices have been extracted from it. It should be used in your compost bin or flower beds.

However, fiber is quite important…ONLY when fiber is found in the foods you eat, not in foods you are blending. It’s the juice from the fibers that feed you. Blending Smoothies is fun, but remember Juicing is meant to feed the body in a superior way.