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People are raving about Omega juicers because of the innovation, durability and quality they possess as compared to other models and brands on the market, more specifically of the VRT352, the 220-volt version of the VRT350HD used in the United States. If you were someone looking into a healthy and fit body, then you may be considering getting a good juicer using Omega juicer reviews. Slow juicers has been capturing the attention of fitness and health seekers as well as of the medical practitioners and nutritionists in the world.

What Are Users Saying About the Omega VRT352?

Buyers and users of this juicing machine reveal how they are impressed with the results they are getting from it. Some of them said the Omega juicer is one of the most advanced products they have ever used and some posted on reviews that this product is very durable that can keep up with the most of their juicing needs. When it comes to innovation and ease of use, most of them only posted positive Omega juicer reviews about the product.

Should You Get the Omega Juicer Yourself?

If you were looking for an affordable priced but durable juicer, then you don’t have to think twice of getting this model yourself. It comes with all the innovative features you are looking from a juicer, such as its durable built that works better than other juicers on the market. It has an eight times stronger juicing screen that can keep up with your heavy needs and offers a 10-year warranty, too.

This model has a vertical masticating way of juicing for higher efficiency that will yield better and higher results.  Sometimes, this juicer is often referred as a low speed juicer with only about 80 RPM, making it effective for keeping all the goodness from fruits, vegetables and wheat grass for  coming up with the best tasting juices around.

Why choose a slow juicer? By using this Omega juicer, you can make sure to keeping all the healthy enzymes and nutrients you will get from the food you process, as compared to brands and products making use of up to 15,000 RPM in their system.  The lower speed used by the Omega juicer can protect the enzymes as well as prevent the oxidation present in juices. In this case, you can keep leftover juice in the fridge for up to three days without any issues. Therefore, you can extract the most amount of juice from food so that you can absorb the full nutrients you will find on them.

Omega-VRT330-350HDOmega VRT352 Features
–  Easy to clean and maintain
–  Vertical design
–  Lower juicing speed
–  Prevents oxidation
–  Makes longer lasting juices
–  Automatic wiping system
–  Small footprint


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