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Omega slow juicer is the solution seen by many in order to achieve optimal health, to lose weight and to stay off diseases caused by poor food and lifestyle choices. If you were looking to buy one for yourself and your family, check out the following to know more about it.

What Is an Omega Slow Juicer?

For many, they find the term “slow juicer” very confusing because they don’t know what this really means in the category of juicers.  To get started, it simply means that this juicer works in a lower RPM speed, as compared to other types of juicers on the market like the centrifugal juicers.

It is named after that due to its slower motor operation that only comes between 80 to 90 RPM and using only 150 watts, most likely, versus its main counterpart centrifugal juicer making a speed between 1,000 to 24,000 RPM and is using up to 1,500 watts, meaning you can also save money by using the slow juicer.

Well aside from using lesser power as compared to traditional centrifugal juicers, an Omega horizontal juicer is your top solution if you were looking to yield higher amount of juices from mangoes, strawberries, beetroots and apples, among other favorite picks.

Other Advantages of Using an Slow Juicer

Aside from being economical, a slow juicing machine keeps the nutrients you get from fruits and vegetables intact because it is able to eliminate oxidation that reduces the level of enzymes and nutrients from food. Oxidation is a problem you would have if you would use a centrifugal juicer that works at a fast speed getting rid of the most important nutrients you are supposed to get from juicing.

Slow juicers work with a screw-like auger system, which is the one that presses and crushes the food to preserve more of the vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients, something to get using an Omega slow juicer that means better nutrition for you. Because the slow juicing machine crushes and presses food slowly, you can make sure that the most important elements in food remain making juicing a great wellness solution to depend on.

Aside from giving you the most nutrition, this type of juicer works so quietly, unlike high speed juicers.  As you know, no one likes the sound coming out a machine to disturb your entire household.  More so, this Omega slow juicer is very easy to clean making cleaning a breeze!

Omega Juicer Recommendation

After learning all of these things about a slow juicer, it may be easier to conclude that it may be worth a second look, especially if you were one who wants to get the most of juicing and its benefits. Don’t think twice and check out the perfect Omega slow juicer for you today!


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