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If you were new into juicing, then hearing the term masticating juicer may be alienating for you. For a start, this type of juicer is also called a single-gear juicer chews or grinds food into pulp due to its auger-shaped gear, which works by squeezing the fruits and vegetables so that they produce juice.

How Does a Masticating Juicer Work?

It works by its auger-shaped gear by tearing up the vegetable’s cell membranes and opening up the fruit’s so that it can release nutrients and potent enzymes. In most cases, the best juicer will work for making juices with richer color, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They work with a speed from 80 to 120 RPM, which is slower than most types of juicers that work as fast as 29,000rpm, oxidizing juice and losing its vital nutrients. By juicing slowly with the right slow juicer, you will be able to harvest important nutrients and absorb more of them better than using fast juicers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Juicing?

  • It is able to yield up to thirty percent of higher juice as when compared from other kinds of juicers including a centrifugal one. if you want to make the most of your juice and get as much of it from food, then it is obvious that the masticating juice machine is the answer.
  • It produces juice with higher nutritional value as compared to using other types of juicers due to its slower motor speed to keep the enzymes and to eliminate oxidation. In fact, a masticating juicer is able to keep the enzymes and nutrients intact; therefore, you can depend on juicing especially if you were dieting or trying to lose weight faster. Without eating much, your body can get the most from the food you are eating without you have to spend much time in preparation.
  • It works on almost all types of food, from grasses, leaves, fruits and vegetables. By making a one-time investment on the best juicer, you can make the most of your juicing and get the most variety of mixes as much as possible without you having to buy several pieces of machines that are not only expensive but also are energy consuming.

Why the Need to Eliminate Oxidation?

People are asking, “Why oxidation should be avoided when juicing?” The answer is simple. If there is, there will be many nutrients, trace minerals and enzymes to lose from the food you are juicing, and with that, you will lose the chance to make great-tasting, fresh juices. If you would want to make high quality juices, you must consider the use of masticating juicer that allow slow juicing and preserving the value of food to consume. For example, by masticating mango, you will keep its natural and thick taste since all the enzymes will be kept intact unlike using a centrifugal juicer that might remove them making food taste unnatural and possess less nutritional value.


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