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The statistics for deaths caused by heart ailments and diabetes complications are alarmingly increasing. The major contributor for in developing these diseases is having an unhealthy lifestyle particularly an unhealthy diet. With the times getting rough, one can’t pretty much have the time to prepare a healthy meal that is quick, healthy and delicious. Good thing there are juicers that can help anyone get a healthy juice fix anytime of the day. Because there are plenty of juicers out in the market, it is quite a challenge to choose which juicer to buy.

For most juicers, extracting juice is a pain. With Hurom HU-500, juicing is easier and not only that, making smoothies and a whole range of mixtures is possible. It has a juice flap which seal in flavor, a Slow Squeezing System that extracts all the juices from the ingredients, and the use of cold press juicing that ensures a higher juice quality. The juicer does not lose the nutritional value of the juice since it is squeezed out instead of chopping off the ingredients piece by piece. One way to check this feature is to observe how long the juice will last compare to those made with a conventional juicer. A Hurom HU-500 extracted juice will stay fresh and nutritious for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator while other juices turn spoilt in just within 24 hours.

H100-deep-wineThe new Hurom Hu-500 juicer is indeed remarkable. It will make one produce a healthy drink in minutes that is a huge step in developing a healthier lifestyle. Its technology is superb and makes the task so much easier compared to having other types of juicers.




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