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Juicing is best done when you’re ready to drink the juice of the fruits or vegetables you use, ensuring that you drink one hundred percent fresh one all the time! Experts suggest that the best time to drink juices are when they are freshly pressed, allowing you to get the total value of the nutrient content of the food. As you may know, some of the food content may be affected by oxidation, but that one you can avoid if you would press and drink the extract within the same hour you juice them.

Tips To Remember

  1. Only juice when you’re ready to drink your food.
  2. Do not store it in the refrigerator unless you will be using a sealed jar to keep the juice’s freshness.
  3. Drink your juice earliest time in the morning and in an empty stomach. This will help you absorb the full nutrition content of the food you juice.

Reasons For Juicing

There have been many studies highlighting the great benefits of this activity when it comes to fighting off diseases as well as preventing them. If you’re sick, you can expect a faster recovery period if you juiced often.

fruits juicesIf you are trying to lose weight, you will be able to shed off extra pounds faster if you would include a glass of freshly masticated food in your daily life; besides, you can lose weight more effectively if you would include real food in your diet.

In addition to weight loss, you can look forward to an increase energy level if you would frequently juice. You will also be able to support your immune system, allowing you to stay away from diseases and illnesses. This will help you cut down on the cost you used to spend on your medical expenses. You can also develop strong bones and achieve a healthy skin complexion if you drink pure juice more often.

Moreover, extracting juice can help you drink juice that is full of live enzymes that will further facilitate better weight management and health. If you drink fresh juices, you will be able to get all the antioxidants present in the food. This way, you can be sure to live younger for a longer time because you can eliminate toxins and free radicals from your body better.


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