The power of this juicer lies on its masticating property. It uses low juicing speeds with its plastic auger at only 80 RPM that minimizes heat to build up. Other juicers who use power beyond this speed can cause the juice to heat up thereby triggering the oxidation process. Once this happens, much of the nutrients are burned off making the juice unhealthy and may even be dangerous considering that the natural chemicals in it are altered by the heat.

omega NC902 juicer (chrome)    NC802 Omega Omega-NC802 S JuicerNotice how quick some juices turn foul after extraction. With the Omega NC802/NC902, a more nutritious juicing is guaranteed with the slow grinding and pressing motion which is labeled as a cold process technology. This will make the juice last for hours without tasting off. One never has to worry about the different textures and sizes of some of the fruits and vegetable to be juiced as there is an efficient 5-Speed motor that allows the user to match the power to be used on effectively extracting the ingredients. The chute is remarkably larger that means more food items can go in to be juiced in less time. A single juicing will give many juices that can be stored for hours. This is perfect for busy days where a quick juice is you can afford to have before heading off to work.

Hefty medical bills are often caused by an unhealthy body. It does not help that having a healthy lifestyle is a very challenging feat that not a lot of people can accomplish. With the introduction of junk foods and carcinogen- laden food items, one can only wish for a breather from these unhealthy foods.

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