What to Know About the Omega

Are you looking for an innovative, intelligent juicer to help you keep up in meeting your goals towards a healthy lifestyle? You may be working out and dieting and that’s a good start, but you may also want to include juicing into your life for faster results leading to weight loss and management and overall health and fitness. One of the most popular products ever made in the juicing products category is the Omega slow juicer. You may want to check it out and reconsider it to become part of your list. Let’s see if its positive Omega juicer reviews are worth considering.

What You Need to Know About the Omega Slow Juicer

This latest offering from Omega did not disappoint users all over the world due to its compact and intelligent features, solid and small footprint and user-friendly functions.  To tell you, this product is the 220-volt version for overseas use of the models.

Working with only 80 RPM speed, this model produces minimal and slow heat buildup that it stays durable and in 100 per cent working condition aside from keeping all the healthy enzymes from food in place whenever you juice. In the process, the juice produced by the juicer stays longer lasting.


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NC802 Omega

Omega NC800 Series

Another thing that makes these model durable is that is come with the all-new ultem juicing screen, which works stronger than any normal plastic screens you will find in older version. Therefore, people who juice daily and frequently can depend on this product for heavy-duty use that will never falter no matter how many times it would be used in a day.

Why Go for the slow juicer?

Among the Omega juicers around, this one is one of the most innovative with its low speed technology system, the first-ever patented juicer making use of the LSTS that functions to help you get the most of your juices. It works to extract the most nutrients from food. It allows you to extract the most from wheat grass, leafy greens and fruits. The Omega juicer also works best in allowing you to get the most juice and taste from it.

Experts revealed that current models are more durable than the earlier model because of its HD screen.  With that said, you don’t need to worry that you might have to spend on repairs and maintenance of the product because it is made to keep up with all your juicing needs no matter how heavy or frequently you juice.

Other Cool Features
–  Self-cleaning
–  Higher juice yields
–  Automatic wiping system
–  Practical
–  Dual stage juicing

Overall, the Omega Juicers are one of the best product you will love to own for all your juicing needs because it has combined user-ease, technology and durability to give you the very best in natural juices. Buy yours today!