Omega VSJ843 Review

Omega VSJ843 Review: Is It for You?

Online you will find Omega juicer reviews especially if you were looking to shop for an popular Omega Juicer for your kitchen. In case you don’t know yet, it is a slow juicer known for its lower speed of only 43 RPMs so that it does not make heat buildup fast while only promoting the healthy enzymes to be produced as well as fresh juices for you and your family.

Before you could become a health-conscious individual creating Omega juicer recipes, you might want to find out if this model is what you are looking for and what is for your needs.

VSJ843 omega juicer

Model: VSJ843RR (Red) & VSJ843RS (Silver)

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What Makes the Omega VSJ843 Juicer Different?

It is an all-new vertical slow juicer with the power to preserve the healthy goodness of fruit and vegetable enzymes and to make longer-lasting juices perfect for you and your family. This Omega juicer is designed and constructed for the people who want to get the most of their fruits and vegetables because it has the ability to turn every food, such as leafy green vegetables and fruits, and it works great in making nut milks.

It was able to redesign juicers with its single and horizontal auger design that makes it unique than its counterparts do in the industry. It also comes with a new screen design working to make sure that the pulp would be broken down to come up with a better consistency, as compared to models with vertical juicers on the market. In the process, it produces less pulp in the juice that makes it easier to digest.

A Closer Look at Omega VSJ843

  • It includes the first ever SST or the slow squeezing technologies allowing it to completely reinvent and recreate the way people see juicing. This method works by the juicer extracting the most from juices along with the vitamins and minerals and other vital nutrients people get from juicing. It works best in leaving less pulp in the product.
  • To make it long lasting and to keep up with heavy-duty use, it is made with the newly created stainless steel juicing screen. It works with the dual stage juicing capacity that functions to extract the juice from the initial stage and then press the food in the second stage resulting to dry pulp but better quality juices.
  • The VSJ843 also comes with the first ever-automatic wiping system or AWS that makes use of a silicone blade wiper so that the juicer screen stays clear of the pulp. In this case, you can enjoy higher quality juice without the excess pulp.

Other Characteristics

  • Economical
  • Higher yields
  • Small footprint
  • Wheat grass
  • High juice quality
  • Juices, fruits, leafy green and vegetables

There you have some of the unique qualities that makes it a great buy for your home. If you were looking to change your lifestyle and turn into a healthier, better one, do not hesitate in buying the Omega VSJ843.