Hurom HAI-34

Introducing the latest HAI-34 Model


For a Healthy and Comfortable Life
Simply place your prepped ingredients into the smart hopper and turn the dial to easily make healthy juice.

Pioneering Modern Design
The vertical-connected process, from Smart Hopper to Chamber, Screw, and Pulp Container, is visually maximized to provide a new and innovative experience to users

Core Technology: The Smart Hopper Automatically Insert Ingredients At Once Mixing bar that rotates and trims ingredients. The two openings at the bottom are tilted to face the inside of the chamber so ingredients can smoothly glide in.

  • Gets Every Last Drop!
  • 3-degree Tilt
  • The 3-degree tilted bottom helps collect even the last drop of juice after extraction.
  • No manual tilting necessary.




Drops Downwards! More Convenient to Use & Clean

– Pulp is now expelled directly below the chamber when extracting juice.

– Designed to be placed right below the chamber, the pulp container neatly aligns with the body, increasing space efficiency.

Classic Series Model: HAI-34

Easy & Convenient

– Slow rotational speed of 23/60 rpm
– 500-milliliter chamber capacity
– High-strength auger
– Adjustable Control Lever to accommodate different ingredients
– Mixing bar that rotates and trims ingredients
– Vertical Chamber
– Smart Hopper
– Versatile juice cap for convenience
– Low-noise, low-vibration AC motor
– Easy assembly and disassembly

Chamber Capacity
500 ml

296(W) x 160(D) x 435(H) mm

6.4 kg

Squeezing : 60rpm, Spinning Brush : 23rpm


Voltage, Hz, Power consumption
220V, 50~60Hz, 200W

Cord Length
1.4 M

Body : ABS
Chamber : Tritan
Hopper : ABS
Hopper cover : ABS
Screw : PE(Ultem)
Mixing bar : POM, STS304
Strainer : Ultem, Stainless steel

Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Dual Hopper+, Juice Container, Pulp Container, Tofu Press, Cleaning Brush, Recipe Book, Manual
Colors Available: Midnight Blue, Vivid Red, Satin Rosegold

General Features:
Model HAI-3400
Type of Juicer Masticating (Slow) juicers
Warranty period 10 Years



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